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Bridgerland Adventure Park in Bear Lake

Open for a couple of years now, Bridgerland Adventure Park is one of the newest venues at Bear Lake. It’s a fabulous, affordable addition to all the fun Garden City has to offer. We visited again recently and wanted to share with you all the things that are available at this park, which overlooks the beautiful Bear Lake scene.

When visiting Bear Lake, most of us focus on events at the lake. But just up the hill, there’s a whole lot of fun your family can enjoy. Be sure not to visit. If you’re coming from Logan Canyon, you’ll see it on the north side of the road as your coming down the mountain into Garden City. You can’t miss it—unless you’re completely mesmerized by the jaw-dropping view of the lake.

Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake, Utah

The above overview of part of the park shows this children’s playground, as well as the start of the tubing run. On the far right you’ll see a “magic carpet” lift that brings you and your tube back up for another go.

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All the things you can do at this park include:

  1. Tubing

  2. Disk Golf

  3. Axe Throwing

  4. Bungee Trampoline Jumping

  5. Teepee and Bounce House

  6. Miniature Golf

  7. Climbing Wall

  8. Giant Swing

  9. Ropes Course

  10. Playground

  11. Zip Line

Tubing at Bridgerland Adventure Park

As you pull up or drive by, the primary structures you’ll see are their tubing run, rock climbing wall/ropes course, and zipline. There’s a whole lot of fun for all ages and most abilities. The area itself is wheelchair accessible, and there’s a lift. The activities themselves require mobility.

Tubing at Bridgerland Adventure Park in Bear Lake, Utah

The tubing hill is very popular at the park. We love that it’s not super scary; pretty much anyone can do it, and you don’t have to haul your tubes back up the hill for the next ride. Yay for the “magic carpet!”

Tubing at Bridgerland Adventure Park

Rock Climbing and Ropes Courses

We’ll explain pricing below, but the activities are grouped into ground and aerial. You can purchase things one by one or group them for slight discounts.

Climbing Wall at Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake

The ropes courses are challenging and offer four levels. Our extended family members did a combination of levels 2-4. The youngest cousin was 10 on up to their dad. They often climb and do adventure sports. Half and full ropes courses are available. They all did half courses which took over an hour for each of them to complete. Be sure to allow plenty of time so you’re not rushed for this experience. The views are amazing, and you’ll want to enjoy them as you climb.

Ropes Course at Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake

All climbing gear is provided.

Rock Climbing at Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake

FREE Disk Golf

We enjoyed the free frisbee (disk) golf. The course is a bit challenging for beginners, however. I threw my frisbee in the surrounding wooded area plenty of times and had to push my way in through thick brush to retrieve it. My family thought this was hysterical, and it’s my general MO for anything sports related. Still, I love being outdoors, and this course is a fun way to be together outside. Plus, you can’t beat the price.

Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake, Utah

There’s no charge for frisbee golf, and all equipment is provided.

Miniature Golfing

This is a simple, straightforward course. The holes are pretty much straight shots with few obstacles, so not too challenging. All the equipment is provided, and this was a great activity to do with my youngest son. We also had an injured family member who enjoyed playing as well.

Miniature Golf at Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake

Each row is a separate hole. This image shows almost the entire course.

Prices at Bridgerland Adventure Park

You can purchase specific things to do or buy a pass. Both times we have visited, it has rained. For obvious safety reasons, the park has to shut down activities if there’s lightning in the area or if equipment is slick with rain. That said, management is also really good to let you return when the weather clears up so you can resume activities.

Prices at Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake

Prices at Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake

Food Options

Bridgerland Adventure Park offers a few food options. They have a grill; the menu varies. They also have soda fountain drinks and vending machines with beverages. You can bring in outside food and beverages to enjoy in their picnic areas.

Picnic Area at Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake, Utah

Several things about Bridgerland Adventure Park impress us. First, the construction is quality, well built. A lot of expense and effort has gone into building this park. Nothing is cheap or wobbly. It’s solid and built to last. Everything is super clean, organized–a nice overall experience. Second, the staff is very nice. They’re eager to please and want you to have a good time. They work hard and are happy to share what they have.

Because moms always want to know, it’s worth a quick mention that bathrooms and drinking fountains are provided onsite. They’re new and clean, just like the rest of the park.

We did notice that the park is very busy when it opens daily. If you can schedule it, you might want to wait until the crowds seem to die down about 1:00. That’s just our observation after a couple of visits. Please note: last ticket sales are at 5:15 pm, so don’t delay going for too long. You’ll need at least 2-3 hours if you plan to do many events here.

Hours of Operation

Open May 29 thru August 21, 2021: Monday thru Saturday. Closed Sundays.

10 – 6 pm. Last ticket sales at 5:15.


722 First Light Drive

2.2 miles west of Garden City, Utah, on Hwy 89

38 miles from Logan, Utah

Visit Bridgerland Adventure Park online for more information. Click here.

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