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Moving To Utah

So you're thinking about movin' to Utah? It is one of the western fast-growing states that welcomes people from different parts of the US. Among the things to look forward to when it comes to living in Utah are the vast number of locally-owned businesses, readily available outdoor amenities, and the comforting sense of community.

Utah Small Businesses

Living in Utah means having an interest in getting to know your neighbor. Whether or not they're geographically next door... You get what we mean! Connecting in Utah is easily done. There are networking groups that meet on a weekly basis across the state for local business owners to come together and truly depend on each other. Do you need some trees trimmed? We recommend Arbor Pro. Do you want to listen to a podcast from a well-known speaker and non-profit founder? Take a listen to Mckay Christensen's Open Your Eyes Podcast. Are you looking for help opening your own mechanic shop? Reach out to Marvin Ray with Mechanic Alliance. Want to homeschool your kids and need craft supplies? Check out everything that Country Craft Creations has available at their West Haven storefront. Do you want to open your own Utah small business after realizing just how strong the community support is? You need Wild Optix Designs!

Outdoor Amenities in Utah

Ample hiking, hunting, snow skiing, biking, pickleball, volleyball, and camping are only a few of the treats of living in Utah. Outdoor amenities are available everywhere you look around the great state. Where there is outdoor opportunity, there is a need for outdoor equipment. Whatever you're looking for, Wild Optix can get you set up. If you're a small business owner yourself, you can even get your outdoor gear with your business branding on it. Don't think you can move to Utah and sit inside! Grab your winter weather gear and your immunity boosting supplements. We don't let the snow stop us from enjoying the bountiful landscape.

Community Outreach in Utah

When it comes to community outreach, there is nothing that compares to Utah! According to reports, the state of Utah comes FIRST in per capita giving. If you're looking to get involved with a local nonprofit, we highly recommend joining the Give Back and Connect Group on Linkedin. The group was founded by Jenn Kiekel-Lynn, owner of the K Real Estate - The Give Back Brokerage in 2021 and has grown to over 8000 members. The group is the hot spot for resources, volunteer opportunities, and charity spotlights. Two of the wonderful nonprofits in group that are from the great state of Utah are Cycle Sanpete and Vortex Volleyball Club. Believe us when we say there is plenty more where they came from.

Moving To Utah

Living in Utah is truly an incredible experience. Between the community support of small businesses, the family-friendly nature of the state, and the emphasis placed on togetherness, Utah is a great state. Salt Lake City, West Valley City, West Jordan and Provo are the hot spots for people who want the nature of Utah while still having access to the city life. For a less densely populated area we recommend Herriman, West Haven, or Moab. If you're coming to Utah to live the wilderness lifestyle and you'd like to everyone in your town by name then you might be better suited for Flaming Gorge, Pine Valley, or Fairfield. You just might want to get help from gun safe moving in Salt Lake City if you plan on living out in the woods. The animals, cough cough the moose, are still trekking around when the snow is deep and it's getting dark early!

It's whatever life you wanna lead, we aren't judgin'!

Whichever city calls out to your heart, join the Utah family. Thank you for making The Utah Collective your source for family-friendly information for the state of Utah.

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