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Visit Bigfoot in Farmington, Utah

Bigfoot is real—kind of. But there’s a real Bigfoot statue that’s fun to see. It’s a quick hike in Farmington, Utah, that’s perfect for kids. From the parking lot to the car, it’s a short distance up a small hill. Once you reach him, he’s a perfect poser for some pictures. Play in the area a bit, then scoot over to a nearby pond. Come on, we’ll show you what there is to do.

Big Foot Statue, Farmington, Utah

Directions to Bigfoot

He’s by Farmington Pond. You can easily GPS that. Note: don’t GPS directions to Farmington Bigfoot. You’ll end up in the subdivision on the wrong side of where you want to be. There’s no access. Here are directions, just in case: Take I-15 to exit 326 (Hwy 89) and go east on state road 225 to the T. At the T, turn right and follow the road to 600 N in Farmington. Turn right and go to the stop sign. Turn left and take 100 W until you can either go left to the pond or straight to a small parking lot. Go into the parking lot.

Parking Lot

Enter here and park to see Bigfoot north of here.

The parking area to see the statue is just northeast of the pond. You’ll see a little trail headed up the incline and will soon see a black metal bridge. The path is paved until the bridge.

On the Trail to Bigfoot, Farmington, Utah

Cross the bridge. Play in the stream below or head up, then play on the way back. It’s a beautiful stream and fun for kids to play in if the water level is safe. To see Bigfoot, continue over the bridge and keep going up. You’ll spot him soon. There are trees to climb along the way, and the foliage would be excellent for hide and seek in the summer.

Trees to Play in on the Trail to Bigfoot, Farmington, Utah

Trees to climb and play in along the way.

You can’t miss Bigfoot. He’s easy to spot and easy to get to. The last part is an easy incline but not stroller or wheelchair friendly. Have fun taking pictures with him, and be sure to share them on social media, using #farmingtonbigfoot. Also, while you’re at the statue, please be careful not to lean on Bigfoot. There’s a sign just to the left of him that asks guests to be careful.

Also, please be respectful and not trespass on the private property which is right behind him.

Bigfoot, Farmington, Utah

There are other trails nearby, and we plan to go back and see the Indian Princess grave that’s farther up the mountain. We’ll be sure to post pictures when we do.

Bigfoot, Farmington, Utah

Farmington Pond

We visit the pond often. You can drive to it, as instructed above, or walk to it from the Lagoon Trail. We’ll post more about that trail as well. For now, if you don’t know how to access that trail, drive to the pond. It’s enjoyable for fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, and the like. There’s a fishing dock that’s fun to walk out on and see the waterfowl and fish. Dogs are allowed on a leash, and we often take ours.

There are bathrooms close by and a few picnic areas. We suggest not wearing your best shoes. Ducks and geese frequent the area, leaving a trail of output along the way, if you know what we mean.

Farmington Pond, Utah

Have you visited Bigfoot in Farmington, Utah? Tell us about your experience. Anything you would add to this post? Please share in the comments.

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Did you know Bigfoot is in Farmington, Utah? At least his statue is. Let us show you where.

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